In 2016, the Midlothian Area Historical Society
 is led by these officers----

  Edwin Bateman---President

  Mark Countryman ---Vice President

  Billie Scroggins Hutson---Recording Secretary

  Cosette Vestal Crews - Corresponding Secretary

  Ray Barksdale---Treasurer

  Karen Kay Esberger---Historian

  Projects currently underway

See the progress that MAHS is making---

Midlothian Area Historical Society
Restored Larkin Newton Log Cabin.

We support The Farmstead in Midlothian
(The Anderson Farm Project)

We support the restoration of "the gym" on the now J. R. Irvin campus.
​Donations are needed for the restoration, installation, and preparation of a base to hold the Dell Mason Dees header which all students  grades one through four passed under going to their classrooms. It is to be placed to the left of the main entrance to the J. R. Irvin Elementary.
MAHS is asking for donations (suggested - $25 or more for this project. Also needed will be donation of material or labor to complete the project. This header is all that remains of our original three school buildings. The cost of the project is around $5,000.